Monday, 1 July 2013

South bank Fun - 30th June

Finally London had some sun this weekend and it was just beautiful!!! I started my sunday with my usual attendance at my church Christian Life Fellowship in Greenwich, it was an awesome service we had a guest speaker come down and minister to us, (if you would like to hear the service we have a podcast on our website just google christian life fellowship).

After service some friends and I went to the National Theatre - South Bank to watch 'The Amen Corner', the show had me close to tears, excited, frustrated and upset. Each character really embraced their role and I truly believed every word they was saying. The staging was incredible, everything was played out just like a real-life scenario from a sink basin gushing out water, to actually cooking gritz and bacon - Highly recommend catch the show before its too late!

We ended our day in true 'No Limits' fashion with singing and dancing in the middle of the embankment YES you read correctly. 
- What is 'No Limits' you ask they are a christian youth group based in Tooting, Lynwood Road (Lynwood Christian Fellowship COGOP) who just dedicate their lives to Christ and empowering young people. I am not officially a member of LCF as I attend my own church CLF but as my boyfriend is the youth Pastor there (I'm almost like an official-unofficial member),  I enjoy spending a lot of my time with them and have knitted close relationships with several members of the team. 
ANYWAYYSSS..... We spent easily 2hours just singing worship songs in the middle of the embankment drawing crowds with our sweet voices (I say say sweet as I was not singing lol) and dancing. We were all amazed by how people just stopped and just watched us sing praises to the most high God and at the end of it all 3 people asked for prayer. This was totally beyond our expectations as we normally break out in singing and dancing a lot. Its just amazing what God can do with our small leap of faith!

pEACE & lOVE...x

Quick pose after the show with the girls

Told ya'll we was dancing up in Embankment


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