Thursday, 26 December 2013

My Christmas Treat To Yoouuuu.. x

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Hope you've all had an amazing Christmas. Spending it with friends, family or away somewhere sunnier than London :(. 

Firstly I'd like to apologies once again for not writing up a post in what feels like FOREVER! I have not forgotten my beloved readers (I love ya'll!) 

Exam period is over (for now) so hopefully there should be some exciting posts to look out for in the near future!

In the summer I was fortunate to work with an amazing stylist called Jeanette Young and a team freelancer's. I had probably the best time ever trying to get creative with the photographer and mua, trying to discover my inner Naomi Campbell.

I've included some of the shots taken on the days (excuse the copywrite water mark on some) Hope you enjooyyyy 

pEACE & lOVE...x

Urban Church Girl...



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