Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Stylespiration - Lupita Nyong'o


I thought it would be a great for my first post of the year to be about some STYLESPIRATION!! 
I am often inspired by what I see on the high streets, from great websites like and most commonly instagram (if your not following me already please do @adorning_cultures) my phone is practically stuck to hands thanks to IG lol!

Slowly moving back onto subject. . .
It must of been about 11.30 or later one night and I received an email from my sister with the name LUPITA NYONG'O exactly like i've illustrated in capitals and big bright red writing. Immediately that got my attention and she just said research her you will love her to end the message. So I did as she said and no word of a lie I was wrapped up head scarf on, everything ready to go to bed but from the moment I put her name into google I was up for easily an hour just flicking through photo after photo of this beautiful woman. 
At that point I hadn't known much about her bar the fact she's an actress and is in the new film 12 years a slave. But there was something about this 31year old Kenyan actress that just had me mesmerised.

Her makeup was minimal compared to most. But there was something that really captivated me. Her choice of bright bold colours and the mix of patterns were easy on the eyes yet bold enough to make a statement. I'm sure most are reading this and thinking that I'm a little crazy but this woman is a true African beauty and may I add she has perfect skin!!!

I don't think there's much for me to add but 2014 Stylespiration. I haven't yet seen 12 years a slave but I am sure this is just the beginning for this lady. I have a feeling we're going to see a lot more of her not just on the big screen but on the little one's too :)

LUPITA NYONG'O (you heard it here first)

pEACE & lOVE. . .x

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