Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Beautifully ME

It's been a while since I've posted (I know I say this every time lol) but I have been pondering on what to do this post on for a while and I kept getting the word 'Beautiful'. As I am a christian I want every post I do to have purpose behind it, so I had a lil convo with God and felt this was the topic.

For years growing up I really didn't believe that I had any association with the word beautiful, no matter how many times someone would say it I would always refer to it as an adjective that people would throw out to be polite. 

I would often look at the other girls in my school and think if only I had her hair and her body and her skin tone I would be beautiful, I would be accepted. 
I hid behind my athletic abilities and boyish tendencies so that I was not overshadowed by the beauty of my female friends. 

Struggling for many years unaware of my true beauty. I didn't believe nor did I except that I was beautiful and was often faced with awkward moments where people would almost try and convince me in believing that I am beautiful. Being told scriptures like 'I am fearfully and wonderfully made' (Psalm 139:14) didn't convince me either.

The lack of understanding and confidence affected me, it stopped me from following up my dreams. I would often overthink a situation which would prevent me from even coming close to pursuing my aspirations. (your probably reading this and thinking what does this even have to do with being beautiful) but it does. I didn't think I was beautiful enough to even start a blog. I would look up youtube videos and blogs and think to myself "Well I don't have that look", "I'm not as pretty as her", "I can't afford that", "I don't even know how to apply make-up". All of these thoughts were lies, lies that I allowed myself believe. I had a tainted perception of myself, not because anybody told me I was ugly or unattractive but simply because I didn't truly love myself to believe I was worth it, to believe that I am BEAUTIFUL!  

There was a lot of self healing and self forgiveness I had to do before I began to accept the beautiful woman I am. I would look up scriptures in the Bible and often pray that I would see myself in a completely different light. I cannot say this happened instantly but I did begin to notice a gradual change, the biggest was in starting ADORNING CULTURES (this blog). It took a lot for me to do so, as I knew I'd be putting myself in a position to receive a lot of positive and unfortunately negative comments/criticism and that people would judge me whether it's intentionally or not. Despite knowing these things I knew it was what I had to do so I did it. It was my biggest step into accepting my beauty and I will never look back. 

You may notice there's a scripture at the top of the home page (Job 40:10) - 'Then adorn yourself with glory and splendour, and clothe yourself in honour and majesty.' This is where the name Adorning Cultures derived from.
Adorn - Make more beautiful or attractive
Cultures - Simply because I want this to be international all cultures/race to be able to connect with my posts.  

So just incase you forgot you are BEAUTIFUL, let your actions, mind-set, thinking and being be BEAUTIFUL and encourage another woman today and let them know they are. . .


Love Adorning Cultures. . .x

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