Friday, 2 May 2014


Hellllloooo my beauties!

It is exam season but I really felt like I had to bring this post up, sooner rather than later. 

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SISTERHOOD!

Being that I am the youngest of 3 girls I understand that the pressure from sisters, parents and others can be SO overwhelming at times. But growing up (into the woman I am today lol) I have began to really love and adore the relationship I have with my sisters. They are literally my best friends (at times, LOVE you Janet & Neriah xx). 
Now I am not trying to big up just blood sister relationships cause you could be an only child or just have male siblings and are reading this and thinking ok great.... I cannot relate. I want to big up all relationship, sometimes family is more than your bloodline. I know I've got a couple adopted sisters myself, and I love them in the same way I love my blood sisters.

But yeah the purpose of this post is mainly because of a few reasons. I like to indulge in reality TV (it's my guilty pleasure), mainly the Real housewives of Atlanta and Basketball wives (that kinda stuff). But most time on these shows, for some reason the women just tear each other down. Now this is not about Black women empowerment or anything like that. We as women from all race and backgrounds can be each others BIGGEST enemies and it is so sad. So I would like to challenge ya'll instead of being bitter, envious about another woman's talents/achievements celebrate them. Instead of saying a catty comment about another woman say something positive. Change the way you view someone, try and bring out the beauty in them because in doing that it brings out the beauty in YOU!

So with all of that said I would really like to celebrate some BEAUTIES I am able to call friends! Many of these women have a blog, YouTube videos or just amazingness and style about them on Instagram and I want to share them with you. Some may be new bloggers/vloggers some maybe more familiar faces whatever the case is please do check them out, subscribe, like, follow. . .  yeah you get the deal ;) 

So  my first beautie will be Rachel she has a blog and youTube channel and she is literally the depiction on a girly girly. She's such a lovely lady! 

P.S She has the most beautiful voice. try and look her up. But yeah I won't rant on lol. 

Check her OUT!!!

So my next lady is a little different she is a stylist, designer, may I add a mother of 2 and minister! I don't know how she does it all and still looks AMAZING all the time. This beautiful lady was the stylist I worked with on a recent photo shoot. The creativeness and style this woman has literally just oozes out of her its like second nature! 

I could ramble on about Jeannette all day long lol! 

Facebook: jeanetteyoung.consultancy

So this cutie is a very well know vlogger Elizabeth ya'll will know her as LizLizLive on youTube! I absolutely adore her! The way she in her videos is literally how she is in real life. Very well spoken, very much the girly, girl! She's been cute from DAAYYY! 

So yeah go check out this fun fashionista and beauty blogger!

Instagram: lizlizlive

This beauty is a newbie to the vlogging world but she's got so much in store for us I'm really excited! 
Anastasia's first video is up and it's absolutely hilarious. This beauty does fashion, make-up, cooking and life style vids so you know there will always be a good upload!

Do check her out and show some love :D

Instagram: Siaroze
Twitter: @siaroze

Now this woman right here is like the ultimate woman! Natalie is a stylist, a make up artist ohhh and she's an AMAZING hair stylist/hair dresser! 

Oh and may I add a yummy mummy too!

This woman is effortlessly stunning whether she's doing the casual sheek look or the glamorous look. She could make a bin bag look like the must have item! 


So yeah there's some of the beautiful woman I'm celebrating and choosing to say YES to sisterhood! Us sista's need to stick together' loool

I will be adding to this so keep your eye's peeled my beauties!!!

¡Hasta luego!

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