Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Yaaaaaaaay it's festival timeeee! For all those going to Glastonbury this year see you there! 

I am very excited to be going, especially as my sister will be performing, CHECK OUT The Delegators if you like ska/reggae music and my cousin will be performing also Jake Isaac. (youtube or spotify them) 

This is my first time going to Glastonbury which is like a mega festival. I'm a little gutted i didn't go the year Janelle Monae was there (those who know me will know how much of a fan I am of hers, I cried when I missed her in Brixton this year). But on the bright note my babes Kelis will be there! I'm hoping she will perform some of her old material also.

I will be posting about my glastonbury experience within the next week or two so keep your eyes peeled! Hopefully I can get some snaps with some interesting peoples :)

For the mean time I've composed a little collage, The festival outfit, The festival essentials and The Don't forget to pack. . . !

The Festival Outfit

I love this look as it's very festival, very summery and for the every woman! I will be wearing a similar outfit to this at Glastonbury, but will be swapping my sandals for wells or some trainers dependent on weather! 

The Festival Essentials 

Anyone that has been to a festival before will know WELLIES are a MUST! For some reason it is always muddy so unless you don't mind a bit of mud on your clothes invest in some wellingtons I got a cute pair from next. Also a rain mac it maybe warm but you never know when it will rain it's still England. 

The Don't Forget to Pack. . .
If you are staying at Glastonbury for a night or two, you always want to feel fresh so don't forget your shower kit and make sure you include flip flops for the showers. They are communal! 
A CLEAN pair of underwear and socks, can make you feel as fresh as a daisy and for us ladies, the ladies emergency kit, don't want any horrible surprises whilst your out enjoying yourself.   

Also don't forget a hoodie it can get chilly at night!

Hope this was useful for any first time festivalers lol! If your at Glastonbury don't forget to check out The Delegators & Jake Isaac!

Chow Bella' xo


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