Monday, 16 June 2014

The Wedding Guest

Hi my lovelies,

So it is getting to that time of year. 

Summer time = Wedding time! 

Unfortunately I haven't been able to attend any of the weddings I was invited to this year so do not have any outfits to show but have made a little compilation of looks for the perfect wedding guest!

Some of the items are on the pricy side but it's not an instruction of what you must wear and trust me I cannot afford some of these items myself, so you can always find an alternative ;) 

Cream vs. Gold

So for this look it is a very neutral vibe, with the combination of cream and gold with the hint of peach on the lips.

High waisted trousers with a wide leg is very flattering on the taller women and my voluptuous girls. The off the shoulder blouse subtly creates a sexy look as it elegantly floats down to sit on top of the trousers. If you don't like a floaty top you could always tuck the blouse and partner it up with the bold belt.

Mono meets Green

This cute and super fun look is great for a young wedding or evening reception. 
With the bold influence from the midi skirt, it provides a bold and bright statement. 

As the clothing is a bold enough statement, make up and hair should be more natural to not create to much of a clash.

Other accessories that can be added are: Gold studs and slim gold wrist watch.

Asian persuasion 

This look right here is probably my fave!!! I love oriental patterns/prints and I personally think it looks stunning on anyone. This style is great for all shapes and sizes as undergarments can be used to accentuate chosen assets ;)

The bold make up helps to complete the look and a a fringe/bangs with messy bun or a slick back pony tail adds to the finishing touches. I love the idea of a spherical clutch as it just completes the entire presentation of this look.

Sea breeze 

This cool and collective outfit is great for a day wedding in the sun. This can work for the younger woman with the bold pink lip or the more mature woman with a more neutral lip. 

The white heeled sandals provides as a staple without being too bold or clunky with the addition of the small rectangle hard clutch and diamond studs. 
Topped off with blue nail polish.

For more looks check out my Polyvore: adorningcultures

Till next time. x


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