Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Engagement!

Hey Dolls!!!!

So I am super excited to be writing this post today as I have some great news to share with you all. As you can probably guess. Yes it is true. . .

I AM ENGAGED!!! This is probably one of the happiest moments in my life so far. To have my best friend, boyfriend and love of my life to ask me to marry him and of course I said YES!!!

So just a little background story, my fiancé and I (hehe fiancé that will need some getting used to) have been dating for just over 4 years now, celebrated our 4th year anniversary on April 16th. We have also been really good friends for about 10 years and we are both devoted CHRISTIANS!! 
Kai serving as a youth Pastor within his church Lynwood Christian Fellowship (CoGOP) and I as a youth leader in mine Christian Life Fellowship (Greenwich). 

As being a young christian couple we are often asked, "So how does this christian dating thing work". Its simple we put God first and honour each other second. I will not lie to you and say yes it's the easiest thing out there because it is not easy being in a relationship with someone that you love and are attracted to so much but cannot portray those emotions physically but with a lot of prayer and importantly accountability we are able to stand here and say we have kept ourselves pure. (meaning we have not slept together).

Reading those words maybe a shock to many of you but when you remove that element from your relationship and agree to save it till marriage you will build your relationship and in the future marriage on friendship, trust and honesty. So I can honestly stand here and say I will be marrying my BESTEST FRINED!!!

So with that all in mind! 

I am excited to now be engaged to my best friend. The proposal took me by surprise as it was his birthday week and I am meant to be doing all the surprises (which I did and they went well). 

We had a lovely dinner the day after his birthday at the OXO tower which I've wanted to go to for the longest of time but hadn't found a suitable time to go there. As it was meant to be a family dinner I didn't think anything of it at the time till none of the family arrived which got me a little suspicious but as the dinner went on those suspicions slowly faded away. After the meal we went to Haagen-Dazs cafe which is a norm for us so by that point everything felt completely normal, until. . .

After our dessert Kai went to the bathroom and on his return a plate appeared saying, "Philippa, will you marry me?". I saw the plate but read it in super slow motion and froze for what felt like forever. At this point the whole cafe (who were in on the surprise) was cheering, to where Kai asked worryingly is that a yes or a no?

YESSSSSS!!! I replied through tears of joy, clinging onto Kai with the biggest hug. We ended the evening with a stroll through the south bank, before heading home.

Time to start planing a WEDDING :) xo


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