Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My past doesn't rule ME!

Hey my lovelies,

It has been the longest of time! I've been so lost without blogging and thought I'd put out a post whilst in the process of hopefully changing up things on here :)

So the last few months I have done so much reflecting on life and have had the opportunity to spend time with so many young people and close friends. 
I realised that frequently the topic of the past effecting future relationships became the topic of discussion, so I just wanted to let my lovely readers know that your PAST does not effect your FUTURE!

This is often a lie that we are fed through society, media and sometimes unfortunately those around us. I was fed this same lie many years ago and it is a horrible place to be in. I remember there was a time when I was in secondary school no older that 15 years old, and a teacher said to me that I would not amount to much, that he would not be surprised if I ended up on benefits with a couple children by a couple guys. Now I know what some of you are thinking; I should of smacked him up, cussed him down then run him over with a couple bad looks but that would be what he would want, that would be what he would expect.

But I didn't, from that point on I made it my decision to change my life. Rewinding back to a few months, I was not the best behaved person at school and sometimes I was a bit of a horrible person. However I was an extremely bright child and very athletic but often became bored, which led to me being disruptive. As time went on I became more aware of guys and became involved with a few, despite being a massive tomboy I seemed to attract guys and they were obviously not the ones that I would be proud to bring home to my family. I was starting to loose my way I wasn't sure of who I really was anymore, I lived one life 6 days a week and would still roll up to church with my mum on a sunday and act like one angel sent from heaven.

Now fast forward back to the conversation with this teacher. For a young girl at the tender age of 15 those were the last words that needed to be said, by anyone let alone a teacher and I decided that despite the fact that this teacher has an agenda that he believes will be my life story I was not going to let that happen. Despite being expelled from school a few days after that incident. I enrolled into a college the following year, completed with a triple distinction in Sports & Business and went on to university where I am currently on track to completing my final year of a Sports Rehabilitation degree, completing my first year with a first and my second with a high 2.1.

I am extremely happy with my life, I have a GREAT fiancé, NO children (lol) and am NOT on benefits. If your reading this and you have children or maybe on benefits, it doesn't matter this is just MY story, and there is nothing that is too difficult or big for 1. GOD and 2. For you to dream.

Don't let people speak negativity into your life. Sometimes you may not start life on the best track, there maybe rough points there may even be times where you go backwards but you can always hit the reset button and pursue your dreams. You CAN be HAPPY, you CAN have ASPIRATIONS and you CAN make a CHNAGE!

God Bless. . .xo



  1. Thanks for sharing Philippa - you've now got me thinking about what my teachers thought of me - way back when! You know what? I don't even think my teachers cared enough to even tell me so maybe yours DID care (in a twisted kind of way) because set you up to prove him or her wrong ... and maybe that was their intention all along!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. There was a long history between that particular teacher and myself which led to my termination from the school. So for myself at that time the negative words were not what I needed at all however I did not want to be anything that he expected so I guess you maybe right in some sense in saying that it encouraged me to be better x


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