Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Exam Season

Hello my lovelies,

Well it's that time of year again. Preparing for christmas and January exams *le sigh* but that means one thing. You are half way there :) yippppeeeee!

I have to admit that being in my final year of university has been a real challenge. The hardest of all organising my time. As most of my friends have now graduated it seems like everyone just has so much more time, and then there is me constantly bailing out due to revision, placement or coursework. Even though I do not have as much time as I would love to, chill out with everyone and spend some QT (quality time) with my fiancĂ©, for a full time student who also works part time, planning a wedding and has several church commitments I have to pat myself on the back cause I've seem to be doing okay so far. 

So here are 3 basic tips that I have applied within my life which has helped me throughout  practically my whole educational life that I would like to share with all my beauties. . .

 Tip 1. Get organised!

I've found writing up what I expect to do each day has really helped me to organise my time and work. I even write down if I want to cook or clean! That way at the end of the week I can clearly see for myself what I've achieved within that week and what  can be carried over to the following week.

Its easy! I got this weekly planner from the works for no more than £3 BARGIN!!!

Tip 2. Notes!

Over the last 3 years at university, I've found that at times I've learnt information but not understood it, so I found writing out little cards with easy to understand information in my own words really helped me to understand and regurgitate the information. 

It was also great for revision and presentation prep!

Tip 3. Have some you time!

After my first year of uni I understood how important this tip was. Throughout my whole first year I would revise hours on end rarely sparing a moment for myself and within that year I performed at my worst! 

It was a hard time for me but I realised I had to make time for myself whether it was once a week or an hour a day its important to allow your mind to rest just a little ;)

I hope these tips are useful for you. As a student especially in university it is important for you to find a way of revision that works for YOU everyone is different. For me I found working within a group of like minded people really helped as we would quiz each other and work in a way that builds each other up. I also found it useful to teach and practice new information to a family member or a friend as this helped me to feel confident in my delivery and general presentation.

xo. . . Adorning Cultures


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