Monday, 9 February 2015

Set Goals that MATTER!

H E L L O my lovelies!!!!

As I am aware it is now February and many of you may of set goals for this year and many may not, so I hope this post is useful for those of you who are yet to set some goals for this year and to even those that have.
Before writing this post I took some time out to write up my own which I have to say took a lot longer than expected, 41 days to be precise. 

Why did it take me so long you're asking?

Well I didn't want to simply put those generic goals:
- I want to loose weight
- I want to quit smoking (not that I smoke)
- Want to save more money

Even though there is nothing wrong with those goals or resolutions, often we tend to fail at these types of goals, in fact its said that 50% of those who set goals fail by the end of January and 9/10 quit by March. Do you want to be the 9/10 or the 1/10 . . . ?
I choose the minority, lets make ourself that 1/10 who actually fulfil their goals throughout the WHOLE year!

So. . .  Let me take you back to 41 days ago where I began to compile my list of goals. It was probably a cold and rainy day *sigh* (gotta love London weather) and I began to think what are some of the things I would like to achieve this year. Instantly I thought of the obvious become more physically fit, eat frequently (I have a horrible tendency to eat one meal a day, which is NOT good) and read more of the Bible. The only problem with those goals were that they were not:
1. Specific
2. Time based
3. Measurable

I had to think deeper and really analyse what MATTERED to me. I remember hearing a sermon possibly by my pastor, talking about when setting goals you have to set goals in mind of things that are important or matter to you and that tends to be a driving force in helping you achieve those goals. So for me it was easy to list the top three things that mattered to me:
1. God
2. My education
3. My family

and this was the basis on which I started to compile my goal list, now don't get me wrong not all my goals were based around these three elements but these were the ones that mattered the most to me. So as I prepared my goals, I began to be more critical on what I was writing, so instead of saying "spend time with family" I would say "spend time with a different family member once a month", meaning that myself and my fiancĂ© will dedicate a full day once a month, be it taking our mums out to dinner to visiting an auntie and uncle for the day.

Some goals were specifically based on the long term basis and others on a short term, so it's really important to identify the difference. But the good thing is even if we don't set out and complete yearly goals, every month and every day is a new opportunity to set a goal and achieve it! If it's something that matters to you carry it forward to the following day, month or year till you achieve it. So let's not just look at a new year as the only opportunity for a new beginning but look at each day!

xo. . . Adorning Cultures 


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