Friday, 11 September 2015

University life & life after Uni. . .

HELLO my lovelies,

This has to be the longest break I have taken from blogging and first I would like to apologies. Life has been SO busy but I have so much to share, write and hopefully inspire! I won't go into why I haven't blogged in a while as I will save that for another post, very soon.

So let's get straight into it!!!

Life after university! This period of life can be so incredibly hard, you've become an adult and you have two options.

1. Do a masters
2. Get a JOB!!!!

Unless you know exactly what you would like to further study in a masters making the decision between the two is one of the hardest choices to make. I personally chose the latter I found me a JOB,  and I'm a working girl now ;) (well I was working before but ya'll know what I mean).

Why I made this choice. . . 
For me I got to a place in life where I was pretty much over studying and the whole educational path. I was in university for 4 years and that proved to be some of the toughest years in my life. At several points I really wanted to give up but I held my own, prayed and made it to the end. 
Up until university I loved education, I loved going to school and I LOVED learning. But at university the whole dynamics changed. Within the first 3 months of university I lost my big sister to cancer, being away from home and in a new environment I found it really hard to settle in and make friends, I became really unsociable and spent pretty much every day in my room after lectures. Even though I was in a fairly small university I felt lost and alone for the first time in my life. I was really fortunate to have such a supportive boyfriend (at the time, now husband) he would come down to visit me every week and would often ask my one friend in my halls to check up on me on a regular basis. 

If you are a new student starting university I would recommend that you try and attend the social events, freshers week etc. This is where you will most likely make your friends for your time at university, even if you are not about that raving lifestyle there's normally a few events that are a lot calmer, and remember everyone is new so don't feel as you are the odd one out! You don't put yourself in my position and refuse to go to any events, which by the way I deeply regret. 

After that first year was over I went straight home and commuted from then on, that way it was easier for me to detach myself from what was going on at uni. The following year came and I managed to wangle myself with 4 new friends in my class, we were all different ages, from different backgrounds but that didn't matter. I found myself enjoying uni a little bit more and the next 3 years flew by!

Now we've all finished university and doing life as 'adults'!

Since leaving uni I have been very fortunate, I applied to 3 jobs in which I had interviews for all 3, 2 were for teaching roles and the 3rd was for a sports rehabilitation role (what I studied at uni). Even though I was unsure on what to do the obvious decision was to do what I studied for a few years and see if I am still in love with it, 3 months later and I do enjoy my job! I have some great clients, it keeps me active and its different everyday!

For many graduating students finding a job isn't as easy as my journey but NEVER give up!
Make sure you CV is relevant for the job you are applying for and your skills and qualifications are up to date. Never miss out on an opportunity to sell yourself and a CV is just that, the presentation, the font, the layout are all small indications on who or how you are. So make sure your representing yourself on paper in the nest way possible!

Never stop praying, if there is a job out there that you want and know you will love take it to God in prayer, I challenge you! He hears your prayers, and knows the desires of your heart. If that job is what you want and is in accordance to your purpose in like be sure you will receive it!!!

Final point claim it! If there's anything I want in life I claim it before I own it and thank God for it before I've reached out for it. It's all about renewing your mindset on how you view things. You want it, claim it, it's yours (legally of course). 

So. . . . To new students enjoy these final years of education, embrace it and you will have the most amazing experience! To all new graduates, welcome to the REAL world, we grown folks now!!! 

All my love. . . xo


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