Friday, 22 January 2016


Hello my lovelies,

So I know the year has already begun but it is NEVER too late to set some goals or to look over the goals you have already set and ensure that they are truly what you want to achieve in this year. 

I posted last year on goals and setting goals but this year I have a slightly different view on goals and some of the aspects it should include. So grab a cuppa and enjoy. . .

So when it came to me planning my goals this year it really took me a while to think of what I actually wanted to achieve. I prayed on it as usual but it felt like nothing was happening then I a plan came.

To break down my goals into 5 sections: Life goals, work goals, health goals, spiritual goals and marriage & relationship goals. 

Life goals: These included travelling, what I wanted to do with my life on a day to day, save x amount a month, read a certain amount of books per month those kind of goals I included in this section. It helped me to think what I wanted to achieve on a practical basis

Work goals: As I have just finished university in May (2015) and started a new job in June I didn't have a lot of goals for this section but as I work in the medical and health industry for me it was really important to remain current on research and that was something I slacked with so I made it a goal to do a case study a month and to attend a certain amount of seminars within the year. For some of you it maybe to work towards a promotion or a pay rise. Think about strategic ways you can make that happen to achieve your goal.

Health goals: So I'm actually very naughty when it comes to working out, to be honest I've only worked out once since the beginning of this year and that was a couple hours before writing this post. However my saving grace is that I try to have a very balanced diet. But the two go hand in hand, as I mentioned earlier I work in the medical/health sector and I cannot stress how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a better quality of life. Even if its a 20min walk daily with some light weight work at home it is so important as you get older to take care of your body! So in saying that make clear goals on your eating habits if it's not that good and incorporate some physical activity into your daily/weekly routine. The Nike training club is a great app which available for free download on iPhones and Androids and it can help you to create a fitness programme if your not sure where to start. 

Spiritual goals: If you didn't know already I am a christian, and being a christian isn't always easy, breezy, as it's made out to be. If you had a great spiritual relationship with God last year that is great but there is always room for you to do more and be more. Last year for me I was caught up trying to do everything that in actual fact I probably felt the most distant away from God then I had in awhile. I didn't take as much time as I should have to spend with God to actually tap into what he wants me to do, instead of what I thought I should be doing. So I made specific goals for this year to spend 20-30 mins every Friday morning with God before doing anything else. I also chose to study a few books in the bible in depth, instead of readings lots of the Bible. And finally to actively involved in A ministry within my church. (These are just some of the goals I had and yours don't have to be the same, pray on them and let God lead you).

Marriage & relationship goals: Being a newlywed it is so easy to get wrapped up and consumed in your amazing partner (they must be amazing cause you married them) but it also so so important to spend time with those you had before getting married! Whether it's together with your partner or with your own set of friends relationships with your friends and family are vital! 

Relationship goals - Having friends in different circles can be quite hard to see everyone all the time so for me when setting these goals I took that into perspective, I love having people round and host dinners and games nights so I have to host an event every 4 months this allows those circles to mix and an opportunity to catch up with everyone. In-between those 4 months I'd meet up with friends twice a month at least. And a similar process with family trying to see them a little more often with immediate family.

Marriage goals - So just because you are now married doesn't mean the dates have to stop or the cute surprise's and homemade candle light dinners. This is when they are even more important if anything! Spending time together and in prayer, if you don't pray for your marriage who will? Have a dedicated time or day for each, this helps to make things clear for both to understand. And just because it's a date night doesn't always mean you have to go out and spend lots of money, sometimes cook a 3 course meal and netflix and chill ;) This will help you get creative and to bond together also. 

Now that you've got your yearly goals broken down, this should help you to make monthly, weekly and daily goals. Create a bucketlist, what would you LOVE to do by the end of the year, then think about in 2 years, 5 and 10 years time. It maybe skydiving, safari trip or simply to conquer a fear. 

There are so many goals you can set for yourself so what is stopping you, maybe you have a bad habit you want to get rid of set yourself a 30 day challenge to not do that bad habit. That is a goal within itself. There are loads of new planners and journals that help to encourage you to change your mindset towards tackling each day, week and month. So don't be discouraged from what you did or didn't achieve last year, every day is a new day to achieve something you didn't do yesterday!


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