Friday, 15 April 2016

Fashion! - Take a walk in my shoes

Dammmnnn Philz, Back at it with the fashion post!

Hey my loves,

Hope you are all well, it's friday (yaaaaay!) And the weekend is just a sleep away. So whilst you may have a spare min or two, grab a cuppa and take a walk in my shoes (probably not my loubs as they are the MOST uncomfortable pair of heels I own) lol!

So growing up I was such a tomboy, I lived for sports and all things rough and boyish. If it was associated with girls or looked a tad girly I was NOT interested.
So when I eventually began to show an interest in make-up, heels and skirts it was a huge shock to many around me. Till this day it's still a bit of an effort to catch me in a dress.

During college was the most difficult for me in regards to my self image, looks and what I wore. My parents have NEVER bought me designer clothes (not even Nike). At the beginning of term I was often taken to shoe zone where they would force me to buy the ugliest and clumpiest shoes in the store. Once I got to college, I made sure that changed especially with the help of EMA, (that £30 a week helped to support my trainer collect and my love for Zara). 

An attraction to guys became more apparent and the need to dress up and look 'cute' to impress them began to overshadow the need to do well academically.

I actually remember my first day of college and what I wore and the (negative) response I received from my class which was 98% male, yes there was literally only 2 girls in my class (including me). 
That very day after college finished I went into croydon and bought new clothes and changed up my hair just to impress the guys in my class (which I wasn't even interested in but felt I needed their approval). From that point onwards I was on a long journey trying to discover what my personal style was.

And here I am today, I may not tick all the boxes, but I am happy with how I look and how I dress, I am definitely NOT trying to break my bank trying to look like these instagram girls, cause that is NOT ME! I am happy being the heel lover that I am, that also loves tracksuits and trainers which are farrrrr more comfortable than some skin tight jeans and heels (which I also like). 

So be PROUD of the shoes you walk in be it Shoezone or Louboutin and walk in them with CONFIDENCE!!! 
Bomber jacket: Topshop| Shirt: ZARA | Jeans: ZARA
Heels: Christian Louboutin| Bag: ZARA

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