Friday, 29 April 2016

Once upon a time not long ago. . .

Hey my loves, 

So some of you may know the end of that line, and thats the topic on todays post. The it's ok to be a hoe culture that is going around these days. And to be honest it really is disturbing. 

"Once upon a time not long ago, I was a hoe"
Mariah lynn - love & hip hop

I do watch the occasional reality TV (ratchet TV as I like to call it). Some of the time just to have a laugh but on the other times it's to see what our young people in today's society are looking up to, aspiring to be and possible role models within these reality TV "celebs". Which are mostly middle aged, BLACK men and women unfortunately, depicting themselves in a negative light. 

The reality is that it is really sad to see how these men and women who are in their 30s/40s and sometimes 50s are acting like a darn fool. Mistreating women, women not caring how they are treated or who they are giving themselves to for an easy come up and all the while raising young boys and girls. 

How do you change the mindset of young people when their elders seen on TV and social media are doing the complete opposite! 

It's not just about sleeping with someone, it's about honouring yourself, honouring your body and having respect for yourself. You don't have to send those nudes or a cheeky pic, just because some guy claims to "love" you, you don't have to be saucy online for extra likes or a re-tweet and 2 seconds of social media fame. 

I've heard a lot of young people say "Hoe's be winning", because they see young women portraying a life of luxury, trips to Dubai, designer clothes. . .
But you cannot be looking at someones life when they are showing you what they want to show, the highlights and not the full image. Many women in those situations are being abused, be it verbally, emotionally and sometimes physically, some may suffer from depression, loneliness or simply are not happy. 

Being a women of integrity, is not easy when there's so many influences out there telling you to do otherwise. Never let someone hold power over you because you sent a naughty pic, sexting or worse. Your body is a gift given to you from God, no one else has what you have, no one else was created in the way that you are created. So do NOT tarnish your creation to be "winning" for a few seconds. 

No one wants to buy a car that has been driven by numerous drivers with a high milage, for the same price as a brand new car. . .

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.
Proverbs 31:25


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