Friday, 5 August 2016

Fashion! - Ripped Jeans & Acid wash

Hey, Hey, hey. . . .

My love's so it's "Summer" in the UK which means a couple days of sunshine followed by a week of rain *sigh* which just makes it 10 thousands times harder to decide what to wear cause we can get all 4 seasons in one day (literally). Fortunately when we went out to shoot this look it was a springs day (in July). 

Anyways to break down the look, I saw this jacket on a sales assistant in ZARA and instantly fell in love, of course it was all sold out and even sold out worldwide (crazy!) But I was determined to get this jacket, so I would check online literally everyday just incase it popped back up. Then one day I saw it online however it was sold out *sigh again* but this time there was a little sign that would send you a notification if it came back into stock. I don't ever get luck with these things but thought why not. Three weeks later I get a notification that it's back in stock *yipee* as it was oversized I had no idea what size to buy so of course I bought all the sizes available (don't judge me). And within moments it was sold out again. Cut a long story short I got the jacket and returned the sizes I didn't need, and here I am today *yaaaaaay*

The rest of the look: Top: H&M basics, Jeans are an old fave from ASOS, high waisted acid wash jeans, Shoes are also an old fave from ZARA and glasses called Ares from giant

Hair and make up: 
Hair | Capelli amore: Eurasian 
Matte lipstick | Kylie cosmetics:  True Brown K
Eyebrows | Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dipbrow in Dark brown


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