Thursday, 26 January 2017


So I know it's almost the end of the first month of the year, and goals are hopefully set. But if you have not done so already, reflecting on the year that has passed and the months to come are so important if you want to make the most of this coming year! 

You know the saying failing to plan is planning to fail. . . In the past I haven't made an effort to really reflect on some of the good, bad and the ugly parts of the past year and in failing to do this I've found myself sometimes making the same mistakes or falling into the same habits whether good or bad. But this year, I've come in guns blazing and to be honest I am having a great year so far (and it's still January!) 

Your probably reading this and thinking ok so where do I begin reflecting on 12months worth of memories. . . 

1. Go over your goals, did you achieve all you set out to? What needs to be carried over if they weren't achieved. Are they achievable, and can you do better? 
Maybe you need to set smaller or monthly goals if you're finding that you are not achieving your annual goals as expected. 
And where are your goals, are they in daily view or are they tucked away neatly in a cute note book? The more you see your goals the more they are not in the sub-conscious mind getting mixed up with hustle and bustle of your daily tasks and become placed in the conscious mind.

2. What were your highlights of the year? Did you go on any holidays, stay-cations or special events. How did these activities make you feel?

3. What were your lows of the year? How can you control this from reoccurring? If not, what have you learnt form this experience? 

4. What makes you happy and how you can implement this into your daily, weekly or monthly routine. If it's something pricier how can you achieve this in the coming year? For me I love travelling, sports of any kind and dancing. Over the last few years sports and dancing has pretty much become less of a norm in my monthly actives and it's something that makes me really happy and that I enjoy plus keeps me fit without feeling bored! On the flip side I've done a fair bit of travelling which has been an amazing experience and one I wouldn't replace. So going into this year I'm going to continue to travel, but also look into some activities I can get involved in also. 

5. Lastly, what makes you unhappy? Are you able to change it, or change your attitude towards it? 

2017 has begun, so make it count, don't start each year saying new year, new me but doing the exact same things from 5 years ago! Reflect, Acknowledge and Progress!! 

Have a fabulous year!


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