Saturday, 24 June 2017

NO make up, still pretty!

Hey beauties,

So believe it or not but this is a bit of a tough post for me, I've always had an ongoing battle with my skin and when I mean skin I don't mean my complexion but I literally mean my face!!!
It's either I've got too many spots, dark circles around my eyes, or the pigmentation just seems off!

My sister who is one of my beauty inspirations, would often try and lace me with make up when I was younger like a practice doll and I would often respond to her "I don't need make up, my beauty is genetic not cosmetic", which I only half believed. 

As I became more and more in touch with my feminine side (I was a massive tomboy growing up), I did start to compare myself with other girls, looking at their perfectly flawless skin and secretly envying them. 

As the years went on, I discovered make up and actually how make up can, not just make you look "pretty" but can be a massive mask hiding insecurities, pain and hurt. People would often comment on how "pretty" I am, which I also hated, or felt really uncomfortable about, why? Because although I may of looked pretty on the outside I surly did NOT feel it on the inside. 

It's taken almost 10 years for me to change the way I have thought about myself and some real self healing. Can I say I am all the way there, NOP! But I am definitely on the more positive side of re-programming myself to allow me to understand and believe that I am PRETTY, with NO make up on, not even the eyebrows.  

So here's a few pics of me embracing myself with NO make up on, and I have to say it was quite liberating to do!!

#nomakeup #stillpretty


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  1. WOW! No makeup but you look really pretty. I also don't like too much makeup but I can't imagine a single day without my Liquid Matte Lipstick.


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