Friday, 22 September 2017

Fashion! - Mumma swag

Hey lovelies,

So before the weather got all unpredictable and gloomy on us, I managed to wear this cute fit. Getting to the end of this pregnancy cycle comfort is slightly trumping over style right now. So I have defiantly given the heels a rest unless I've gone to a wedding or super important occasion, otherwise it's been cute sandals ALL the way. So thank you Zara for coming out with some really cute sandals this season you the real MVP!!!

Side note for any expectant mothers out there, if you want to save your coins on the maternity wear, body cons (with good elasticity), oversized tops and anything loose fitting - whatever works with your personal style, will be your best friend and if your lucky enough you should still be able to wear as normal after baby comes. But defiantly TRY before you BUY! 
Sometimes those leggings that you thought would be stretchy enough especially if you went up a size just ain't stretchy enough. 

Tulle top: Zara | Vest top: Primark | Skirt: Misguided | Sandals: Zara (sold out)


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